Web Development

Costs and Charges

  • You will need to host your site on our cloud AWS servers ($25 USD per month)
  • We will manage data back-ups, security and firewall
  • First consultation is free
  • Available for support and assistance
  • First Step: Make A Decision add

    Think about the data, keywords, branding, images and text you want

    Set up a time to meet with us add

    We will go over all the "fields" of information needed, via a word document, dividing your content into logical pages and gathering branding and images for use on the site.

    Then we will Build your website add

    Because we want to ensure you are satisfied with each step, getting your feedback along the way is critical to achieving a successful outcome. We respect how busy you are, but at certain junctures in the process, we will need your reflections on the site building.

    Maintenance and Enhancements add

    We will not only help you create original content, but ensure that this content comes across as fresh and updated. As with any living project, an occasional tweak, (or perhaps a full facelift), may need to be implemented. On these occasions, it is important that we first consult with you, as well as coordinate with other social media sources.